How to travel to every country and save money

About me

I am Nico Koch from Hamburg in Germany and happy that you are interested in seeing the world through my eyes and want to join me on my journey. 

With the goal of visiting all countries in the world, I set myself a real challenge. Being part of a group, which have less members, than people being in space. Besides not many people traveled to all countries, the goal is also a really expensive one! While wanting to travel as much as possible and learning about different cultures, money is always an important topic.

Traveling to all counties is not only a challenge for me. I also want to see for myself, how the world is in reality and listen to the other side, which is often not shown in the media. With thinking of the good in people, I try my best to also bring the reality out there. Telling my stories is something I really enjoy.

With traveling longer and to more countries, many possibilities came up, to save as much as possible, without missing out on great experiences. 

In this blog it will be about many topics, from trip reports, over sharing skills and important information about your next trip. Together we will find out the best option for you to travel and also open your eyes towards countries you may haven’t thought about. 

More about me:

Besides traveling, water is my element, by just loving to swim. Always searching for another challenge, like doing the hardest obstacle race in Europe. 

Photography is a passion of mine. Besides taking pictures with the phone and my camera, I love to go out with my drone and let it fly, to bring more and different perspectives of the world underneath. 

Cooking and trying out food is always part of my normal life, sadly I don’t have a build up tolerance against spicy food yet. Right now I am able to handle pepper sometimes. 

Being out in nature and just enjoying the calm moments, outside of the rushing and loud city, is important. Spending time with my family and friends is always a great part of my week.

When in Hamburg I always try to help travelers, by letting them stay at my place for free and showing them around in my city. 


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